2014 Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon

Our latest release! 2014 Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon was born from fruit produced by Henry Brothers Ranch.


2018 Howell Mountain

Sauvignon Blanc

First of its name! 100% Howell Mountain, 100% Henry Brothers Ranch.





Treebottom Wines is located on Howell Mountain in Angwin California, co-founded by Michael Henry, the winemaker, and his good friend Scott Alexander, the wine drinker.

Howell Mountain is positioned above the valley floor directly east of St. Helena, a sub-appellation of the more encompassing Napa Valley AVA.  Situated above 1,400 feet elevation, this unique microclimate lies above the valley fog which maximizes sun exposure, prolonging maturation time and complexity of the grapes.  The climate, in conjunction with the red volcanic rock/Aiken loam, are the ‘sine qua non’ or essential conditions of this sub-AVA’s terroir. 

Henry Brothers Ranch on White Cottage Road in Howell Mountain was fashioned upon a Bordeaux template and cultivates some of the finest grapes in the appellation.  A true family endeavor, Michael’s brothers, Matthew and Benjamin Henry, manage the land whilst Bryan Henry, Michael’s father, oversees the operation.  The Henry family takes advantage of the gifts that Mother Nature provides as well as navigating Her schizophrenic ways to deliver dense and small clustered fruit to create superlative wine. 

Treebottom Wines is single sourced from Henry Brothers Ranch. Our goal is to rein in the individuality of the grapes into a wine which represents the winemaker’s voice and pays homage to the land and farmers who have developed it.  This wine is truly a labor of love, of both family and the land.

“I want to emphasize style, consistency and vineyard. The style is taking the components of the vineyard and making a wine that I want to drink. Then taking that style and making it consistent year to year, regardless of the growing season. From banner years to sub-par years, the wine will always be recognizable as Treebottom.” -Michael Henry, Winemaker



Michael Henry

Winemaker and co-founder, Michael Henry, grew up a stones throw from Henry Brothers Ranch on Howell Mountain, a True Napa Valley son. After brief stints in college and travel abroad, Mike returned to the Valley with a new perspective and decided he should perhaps work his way into the winegrowing world. During the 2001 harvest at Sequoia Grove Vineyards in Rutherford, Mike discovered the harsh realities of being a Napa Valley cellar rat.  Although challenging, the complexities of fusing hard physical labor with chemical formulae was truly inspiring and he was hooked! It was here he met his mentor, Michael Karl Trujillo, who taught him the intricacies of the winecraft and inspired him to eventually create his own label and thus Treebottom Wines was born. The two Mike's are working together still.



Scott Alexander

Scott and Michael have been friends for many years, their wives being BFF’s growing up in St. Helena which initiated the friendship between Michael and Scott and the mutual love of wine and heavy metal music solidified it. While Michael was in the trenches learning how to make wine, Scott was learning how to drink wine.  Scott’s formative wine experience was at a well regarded, now defunct restaurant in St. Helena when his brother in law mysteriously ‘procured’ two extremely expensive bottles of Napa Valley wine for dinner.  Having his mind blown by these two Napa Valley powerhouses quickly established a love of wine as well as cementing a firm understanding of the aspirational aspect of wine, as the usually imbibed two buck chuck paled in comparison. Scott’s philosophy is that great wine can be phenomenal alone but becomes transcendent when experiencing it with others.  Treebottom wines are about great times with great people.






Treebottom grapes are handpicked by Michael Henry and his brothers, Ben and Matthew, to create the superlative wine offered herein.  Because of this highly selective process and capriciousness of Mother Nature, only a limited number of cases of Treebottom Wines are produced per vintage which can vary year to year.  Consequently Treebottom wine will only be sold directly from the winery/website through a limited number of mailing list/allocation spots. Please sign up below to join the mailing list and ensure you get your allocation before spots are full.

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Tastings and wine pickup are by appointment only.  For more information email us at

***Live outside of California but still want to get your Treebottom?  Please email the above address to make alternative arrangements.

Treebottom Wines
1750 Howell Mountain Road
Angwin, CA